About the HexWorld SGF Editor






All of the buttons have tooltips, so you can see what each button does by hovering over it.

Move list:

Click on a move to navigate to it. Click on the triangles next to a move to go to that move's next or previous variation.


Each move in the game tree can have a comment, which you can view and edit in the comment box in the bottom-right corner.


There is currently no persistent state: if you reload, close, or navigate away from the page, your game tree will be erased. For this reason, you will be prompted for confirmation before closing the page.

Setup moves are not supported by the HexWorld interactive board, and the "View on HexWorld Board" button will not work correctly if a game contains setup moves.

Sample SGF files

If you would like some SGF files to play with, there is a collection of game records, most of them commented, at the website of the Halifax Hex Club.


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